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Fans of the network will love these compilations of humor from the last decade.

The Best of Diversions is just that – the very best of the hilarious Diversions that have appeared on the pages of the magazine. Vertical Lines is over a hundred pages of wit, witticisms and sarcasm that have appeared between the pages (”in the gutter”, as they say). From Where I Sit (things look funny) is a collection of some of the funniest Editor’s Notes – and the eBook is FREE to those who sign up to receive the magazine – also for FREE. (Click on the Get Networked tab and fill in the pop-up box.) They are all available at your favorite online bookseller and the links are below.

And also from the CREST Publications Group (and available at the same online booksellers) ….

My Handbook is…well…look at the cover comments and a few sample pages. You’ll know soon enough if it’s for you. Selected Humor I’ve Taken is a huge collection of humor that is rated somewhere between ‘N’ (for Naughty) and R. And Leading With My Heart is a digest of short, romantic passages

The Best Diversions

New to the network? Each issue of the magazine usually has between 3 and 8 of these humorous pieces. Here you get over 375 of the all-time best ones! You’ll smile so hard your face will hurt. You’ll laugh so loud that people in the next room will come to check on you and to see what you’re doing.

A handsome, artbook-style (landscape 11.5” x 8”), personalized volume (with your dedication page). It makes a great gift for a client, a friend – or for yourself. A waiting room or coffee table book (s)he (or you) will treasure for years to come.

Here’s a Sample Page:

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Leading With My Heart

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