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March 30, 2022

In 2016, asset manager and real estate developer Jean-Pierre Poulin began searching for a way to optimize his property operations. Over a decades-long career, he had witnessed first-hand the impact technology had in revolutionizing the way different industries around him operated. He also came to realize just how little progress the real estate industry had made in terms of innovation. While technology was optimizing (and in many cases transforming) other industries, real estate seemed set on preserving the status quo.

He had managed and operated his growing portfolio through a combination of traditional methods. While laborious and inefficient, these practices were the industry-standard, and typically involved a messy collaboration of different independent subsystem: security cameras, HVAC systems, resident management, access controls—all crucial components of property management, and all typically managed using disconnected tools.

Where the only real distinguishing quality between most buildings was their aesthetic identity and amenity selection, he was also looking for a way to make his properties more attractive, and ultimately boost his rental rate—hence the creation of 1VALET.

1VALET is a smart Building Operating System that combines hardware, software, and services to make multi-family buildings better places to live and work. By combining typically independent building systems into one platform and empowering residents with a Resident App, 1VALET is streamlines property operations, increase net operating income, and creates safer, smarter communities.

Smart Entry System 

The Smart Entry System is felt from the moment you enter the front doors .It requires only a connection to power and the internet, Residents can either opt-in to Facial Entry or use digital keys on their 1VALET Resident App to enter the property with minimal contact. No keys are necessary. Guests arriving at the building call the resident they’re visiting with a video call to the resident’s 1VALET App. The app can also secure SMS text keys ahead of time, allowing guests to let themselves in. Staff, vendors, or contractors can also enter using unique pin-codes created, assigned, and customized by management by/for time, date, and building, meaning you remain in control of who’s entering your building, and when.

The Smart Entry System also helps buildings accommodate parcel deliveries through its patented parcel scanning technology, which enables delivery couriers to enter the building by simply by scanning the parcel. Then the couriers can either store the parcel in a dedicated room, or in an integrated smart parcel locker. Residents receive a notification with a QR or access code to their Resident App, allowing them to retrieve the parcel.

Resident App

The Resident App puts everything residents need all in one place. By connecting residents to their building and giving them remote control of the IoT devices within it, the 1VALET Resident App creates an innovative living experience that helps drive demand for your community. From digital keys that lock their suite and common area doors to the ability to remotely change the temperature, all it requires is a mobile phone to reduce contact throughout the building as well as energy consumption. With amenity booking, messaging from staff, a document library and more, the 1VALET Resident App creates a connected and convenient living experience.

Community Management Portal

1VALET facilitates property operations by combining the typically independent subsystems into one web-based dashboard, streamlining operations and allowing  remote property management. Everything from resident profiles and access privileges to CCTV cameras, amenity management and more can now be managed from anywhere— and it also integrates with Yardi’s Property Management platform, allowing for a seamless synchronization of resident data. 

The 1VALET platform is also hardware-agnostic, which means it doesn’t tie you into any particular hardware family. It is an excellent tool to reduce operating costs, increase NOI, enhance the overall asset value, and attract and retain new residents.


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