The Art Of Creating Art — Stephen Muldoon

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January 7, 2023

Stephen Muldoon
The Art of Creating Art

Stephen Muldoon is a completely self-taught artist with over 40 years of painting
experience. After an extensive career in painting show motorcycles, cars and
boats as well as creating frescoes, murals, landscapes, and portraits. He was
studying the sunset one evening and the sky looked like copper to him. The lightbulb
went off in his head to paint on metal.

After years-long progression of developing his own techniques, mediums and processes the magic of metal art was born, creating a whole new level of interaction with the viewer. Being able to do things with trick paint and multiple layering that you cannot do on canvas brings a whole new life to his art.

After burying the art under 16 coats of clear, wet sanding in between each coat, and polishing and buffing to a near mirror finish, the final product is what he calls his ” Ferrari Finish”. Unique paints on metal, brings an archival quality to a whole new standard. You don’t have to worry about UV, fading, humidity or moisture. Muldoon believes this is the future of art.

With a watchful eye of the old masters and a hand in contemporary mediums, this is
what Muldoon calls ‘The Art of Creating Art’.

To see more of the artist’s work, find galleries and exhibits where it is on display, learn how you can purchase available work, and even how to contact the artist, go to


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